June 30

Shipping How To: Shipping Electronics to Saudi Arabia

Say you’re shipping electronic equipment to Saudi Arabia. What steps do you need to take to prepare?

Here at Mars Freights,we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you through the process from paperwork to method of delivery, to track and trace.

Continue reading on for a detailed step by step or you can watch the video.

Step 1: Paperwork 

First, you need to get your paperwork in order. What you need to do is print out your commercial invoice and packing list on your company letter head.

Your commercial invoice should include the following: Item description, reference number, H.S Code Country of Origin, and quantity of items shipped.

Your packing list should be a complete list of each item you’re going to ship. Include dimensions, weight and quantity.

You’ll need to get your Certificate of Origin. Get this attested and the proper legalized sign off from your local chamber of industry.

Then you’ll need a SASO certification. You get this from certified inspection companies. This is mandatory for shipment of electronic equipment to Saudi Arabia.

Contact us for a full run down to make sure you’ve got everything included.

Note: If this equipment is going to be in use in any government project or used by Aramco, your electrical branded products require additional legal documents. These need to come from you or the equipment manufacturer as well as from the Saudi Ministry. You need to check the rules in Saudi Arabia as they are on case basis. No matter which freight forwarder or transporter your choose, they cannot get government approval on your behalf – You are responsible.

Step 2: Packaging

Taking care of packaging is essential to make sure your goods arrive in tact and in good condition. Packing heavy items in a cardboard box is not safe or workable. You’ll need to source a wooden box or crate to take the weight.

Check with us about the feasibility of your packaging tools, and we can step in to help. We are happy to provide you with packaging materials. From shrink wrap to wooden crates, we can work together to make sure that your items are packed safe and sound.

Make sure to seal your boxes and crates with good quality adhesive tape or nails. All boxes and crates should be clearly marked. Make sure you list all items inside each package.

Note: Proper packaging is your responsibility. You need to check your packaging before handing it over to us to forward or ship. In turn, it is our responsibility to cross check the dimensions of your goods. We will also make sure that no boxes or crates are left open at the time of collection.

Now you’ve got your electronic equipment documented and packaged. You are ready to prepare for the actual shipment, pick up and delivery.

Step 3: Delivery

We can book delivery by truck or trailer, or we can pick up your shipment as per your requirements. We can arrange insurance on your behalf if need be. It is always recommended to insure your goods before shipping. We will always advise you of customs regulations and declarations on a case by case basis.

Mars Freights will confirm this with you at time of pick up.

Step 4: Track and Trace

When shipping with us, you can track and trace your shipment from the comfort of your home / office. Just type in the shipment reference which we will provide you at pick up and track your shipment.

Congratulations! Your electronic equipment is well prepared, packaged and on its way to Saudi Arabia. Mars Freights endeavours to ship your goods as safe and as quick as possible.

Delivery times vary on a case by case basis. You have taken the care to document, pack and insure your equipment. Mars Freights will take it from here.

Inquire with us today to set up a shipment. Mars Freights can help you every step of the way – all you need to do is ask. You can reach us by telephone +973 1725 8811 or by email at [email protected].