Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Mars Freights to become a world leading freight forwarding and shipping company. To this end, we shall:

  • Develop innovative value-added solutions that meet the logistical needs of our customers while continuously delighting them with the quality of our services.
  • Guard the interests of our customers with integrity and neutrality, at all times.
  • Implement and continuously develop state-of-the-art systems and procedures to enable us to perform with consistency at world-class and industry- leading levels of excellence.
  • Continuously measure our performance against the specified needs of our customers.
  • Hire, train, develop and retain, a team of employees focused on the needs of our customers, and the development of our business at all levels.


Our vision is to become the undisputed leader of all regional   shipping & freight forwarding companies. We strive to provide the best possible experience coupled with the most competitive rates.

Outstanding service is not a byproduct, it is the only product that we offer and we will consistently work as hard as we can for all our customers. Our management team is continuously searching for better service and rates and our network of agents keeps growing and expanding to better serve our current and future customers. We are always looking for innovative services that better meet today’s consumer. Our company will continue to offer outstanding services and we will only offer services that we have thoroughly reviewed and which represent an added value to those which we currently offer.