June 20

Shipping Nightmares! How can you avoid them?

Shipping disaster- Mars Freight- Freight Forwarding - BahrainShipping is an arduous process. There are so many i’s to dot, so many t’s to cross.

Requirements vary wildly. You have insurance rates to think about. You have customs declarations to clear, and codes to decipher. Not to mention proper packaging of your goods and the actual shipping itself. When shipping goes wrong, it can go very, very wrong.

Shipping Nightmares revealed!

Whether it be single container cargo shipment or Project Cargo shipment, it is essential that is is done efficiently for your company. When Cargo shipment (single and/or project) goes wrong, it goes seriously awry. It can potentially cost you millions of dollars, time and your reputation. This is a complete nightmare.

Example: A project manager or was devastated when his company ended up paying BD600,000 in fines. All for improper shipment of oil field project cargo. The machinery was not dismantled properly. Their shipping company did not bother to check. This was a recipe for disaster. The client had to pay fines and customs of an extortionate amount. His work and reputation suffered as a result.

Mars Freights has long standing experience shipping oil field project cargo and single container shipments . We know the importance and procedure of proper handling / dismantling / loading / unloading / shipping and customs declaration of your equipment or cargo. We know how to get around customs fines, tariffs and taxes properly. We make sure that your cargo arrives safely and your project can go ahead as planned. Check out our blog post for the Need to Know process of handling project cargo.

Shipping high value art and collectibles can be a nerve wracking process. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into your art collection and you want to ship it safely. We have heard horror stories of mishandling precious art.art shipping - freight disaster- mars Freights

Example:A shipping customer once had a nightmarish experience. They shipped art, enclosed in an expensive frame. However, their shipping company did care to ensure that this was properly packaged. Upon arrival, customs inspectors ended up actually cutting the art out of its frame!

Mars Freights has professional packers. We properly and carefully pack your valuable fine art and gallery collections. You can check this out on our website. We shipped precious art from KSA to UK / US / and other GCC countries. See the professional packing process at work. We have successfully packed, shipped and declared numerous works of fine art. Our experience and professional care means that your nerves can rest easy. Your precious and valuable fine arts collection is in safe and competent hands. We guarantee that with Mars Freight, your goods will arrive in tact and accounted for.

Customs and insurance rates seem to go up and down with the wind. Making heads or tails while preparing your shipment for freight is so frustrating. Trying to decipher all the freight codes yourself is like learning hieroglyphics. You could spend hours trying to translate, or just resort to guesswork. But, one wrong move could mean cost and penalty. You could end up forking over much more money than expected. Or, even worse, having your goods seized by customs. All because your rates are improperly calculated or customs declarations are not sufficiently prepared. What a nightmare that would be.

Mars Freights can help take the guesswork out of customs clearance and tariff rates. We have years of experience with customs clearing. We help clear shipments through air, sea and land freight. We know the codes and the terms, and take guesswork out of the equation. Check out our freight code dictionary on our website, and allow us to decipher the rest for you.

Don’t leave your shipping documents to guesswork. Don’t get caught in the shuffle. Let Mars Freights help relieve your stress and get your goods to where they need to go. Our experience is there for you, whatever the process requires. Sleep easy, Mars Freights will handle it.