May 16

The Project Cargo Process You Need to Know

As a project manager you have to ensure the delivery of your project within the agreed time and budget. Doing so may require Project Cargo. Imagine what happens if your equipment isn’t delivered in time? Well that’s not only potential loss of millions of dollars and time, but your reputation is at risk.

So how can you guarantee that your time, money and reputation stay intact? Read on.


What is Project Cargo?

Project Cargo is the transportation of equipment critical to your project. These could be large, high value machinery, tanks, pumps, or event your new fleet of cars. It may consist components which need disassembling before shipping and reassembled for delivery.

Why is it Important?

Project Cargo transportation is incredibly vital for companies to flourish. Done in the right manner, it ensures the safe and timely delivery of your equipment.

For that to happen, project cargo requires expert knowledge in communication, planning and management.

It is a complex and important procedure which we at Mars Freight are well equipped for.

Why is Mars Freight different?

At Mars Freight we are there every step of the journey. We understand that late or damaged delivery can have a negative impact on the cost and time of you project. We not only provide a wide variety of machinery that is well equipped to handle oversized, or bulk equipment, we also cover other areas of the shipping process.

The Mars Freight Project Cargo Process

Each Project Cargo operation is custom built. Our customised project handling and transportation involves a high level of expertise. We utilise various types of transport involving specific equipments, best suited for your requirements.

  • Consulting and planning:

We know that all the phone calls in the world cannot restore your company’s reputation when a delivery deadline is missed or damaged. Creating a reliable service is important and to achieve that pre-planning is an important step. We help in the initial set up of project sites. We carry out supervision during operations by qualified engineers, logistics experts and IT specialists. Therefore identifying any challenges which may arise during the journey is important.

  • Route planning:

Our team will advise you on length, width and weight restrictions which may apply to different methods of transportation. Our knowledge is vital in ensuring that the journey is done with precision and care.

  • Customs and regulations:

We understand that budgeting is key. Custom and destination fees, warehouse fees, and taxes play a role in your budgeting. We ensure that our expert team presents you with economical options for your requirements.


Project Cargo- Power Cable

Over the years we have played partner to many businesses worldwide. We’ve serviced the Oil & Gas industry, Construction and Engineering clients and many others.

From break bulk across continents, land mobilization projects to door-to-door delivery. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide priority access to global networks and innovative pricing and budgeting strategies.

Get in touch with us for your commitment free quotation on your project cargo needs.